Confession – Trackie Bottoms


Hi I’m Jay, I’m 19 and I went into this public convenience in the park where I saw this really fit young guy taking a slash. I could tell he had a really huge dick from the way he was confidently holding it.

I went over to piss next to him and there were no barriers to stop me looking at what he had in his hands. From the way he was eye-balling me and gripping his cock I knew something was going to happen. I wandered into a cubicle and when he followed me I couldn’t wait to get my hands on that prize prick. It was massive and he was so smug at the reaction it had on me as I fell to my knees and tried to get it all in my gob.

It proved difficult so he pulled me to my feet, spun me round, stroked the back of my trackies before pulling them down, bent me over and shoved. I could have done with a bit more lube than a mouthful of spit but it didn’t stop him ramming hard until it was all the way in and my ass lips were stretched to buggery.

My confession is; I go back there at least a couple of times a week hoping for a repeat performance he’s got me hooked on sleazy sex.

Jay, Northampton.

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One thought on “Confession – Trackie Bottoms

  • August 6, 2015 at 1:55 am

    What a confession to have you go back there a couple of times a week,for sleazy sex.[My confession is wanting to know where this park is because it sounds good to me.}


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