Confession – First Gay Experience

full-body-massage-from-male-massueur-to-only-manI must confess that at the age of 24 I recently had my first experience of gay sex. I’d strained a muscle at my local gym and went to a sports masseur to see if they could ease the pain a little. I was expecting a woman to do the massage and was shocked when this guy walked in and told me to strip down to my briefs and climb up on a padded table.

He soothed some nice oils into my body and I was thoroughly enjoying the way he manipulated each muscle. His fingers got into some very interesting places and I could feel my body reacting. It was just so nice having that physical connection with a man I think I even let out the occasion moan of appreciation. Embarrassingly, I found the whole experience quite a turn on and my cock went hard when he began rubbing the top of my thigh. His fingers grazed my balls but he didn’t seem to mind my stiff dick tenting out my white underpants, he just carried on regardless.

He flipped the waistband down and let my dick spring free, then he put his mouth over it and slithered his lips all the way down to the root, it was absolutely wonderful. I loved the attention and couldn’t get over the way he sucked my dick but the effect was immediate. I’m afraid I was very ill disciplined and came all over his face, which he just licked off and carried on massaging the rest of my body. From being a pent up ball of nervousness I was suddenly very, very relaxed and didn’t mind when he turned me over and began massaging my bum.

Unfortunately, when I booked a second session it was a young woman doing the massage and unfortunately it just wasn’t the same.

 Matty, Aberdeen

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