Bent Confession: Sporting Bottom


 I feel awful and a bit scared. I took some sneaky photographs at a private session I was having and some of them, thanks to my nosey boyfriend snooping around on my computer, have ended up being posted all over the place.

The guy I was shagging is a famous sportsman and what he was taking up his butt is nobody’s business but his and mine. Although the angles are strange and the lighting not very good, I think you can make out who it is and now I’m worried if he or his mates come round to sort me out. He’s a big guy and what we did doesn’t exactly go with his hard-man image… although he’s told me that him and a few of his teammates regularly have such sessions on their own but he always tops in front of them.

There’s only me who knows for sure who it is… so he could deny everything but it’s such a worry in case the press gets ahold of them and they make the link. Should I confess what has happened to him so that he is fore warned, or should I stay silent and hope for the best?

Karl, Liverpool

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One thought on “Bent Confession: Sporting Bottom

  • March 10, 2015 at 10:12 pm

    Karl if i was you i would air all and make a buck or two from the press or tv,the only thing is you might receive a beating and your kinky sessions are definitely screwed.


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