Bent Fiction – Caged Surprise by Les Lea

The paddling had surprised me. He seemed such a nice guy but once he had me at his place, things quickly changed. I had wanted it to happen, I was in the mood for being dominated, but as I was new to taking the really submissive role, things just moved on quite quickly… he wasn’t one to stand on ceremony.

That was my first experience of David, who I now had to refer to as “Sir” at all times, on finding just where I stood as a sub. He was very experienced and made sure I knew my place pretty quickly but for me it was one hell of an introduction. My arse was glowing and stinging so I wasn’t keen for it to happen again but, as he hugged me and told me not to worry, I felt strangely comforted in his arms… despite what had happened. There was a strength, a passion and an absolute desirability about the man that told me he knew what to do… and I should respond to all of his instructions.

As if reading my thoughts he told me to relax & started to fasten my stripped, sore & sweaty body into a leather harness. He told me not to worry and that I’d like it once I’d tried it. I was more than a bit suspicious as that is what he’d said about the spanking. Although my butt was red, I couldn’t deny the fact that there were moments during the process when the sensations were having a huge effect on my cock.

He smiled at my feeble resistance but made sure I was aware that, whether I agreed or not, I was going to be wearing that leather contraption. The warmth from my butt was now coursing through my body as he secured all the straps in place. I was both terrified and turned on at the same time. He grabbed my hard on and squeezed. “This does not respond unless I say”, he whispered in my ear.

The hard pull on my balls sent a wave of sickness through my body but I got the message. His manhandling had, for the first time, made my cock shrink, so, taking full advantage he grabbed hold of my withering cock & pushed it & my balls through an attached cock-ring. Quickly he produced a metal cage and locked my cock up in it, he smiled as he said that it was to give him control and for me to focus my desires on him.

He pulled two pieces of leather between my legs & tightly connected them to the waist-strap. Then he attached the whole thing to a pulley and hoisted me off the ground. It was a strange sensation. He spun me around so I could see myself in the mirror and stood back to admire his work – the effect was amazing as the straps outlined my suspended firm arse cheeks & shadowy channel. Then he began to oil my taut body & as he did so I began to see my reflected image from a different aspect. My cock strained in its cage and he smiled as I realized I could do nothing to relieve myself. I begged him to set me cock free but he just reached for another paddle and told me the fun was only just beginning. As I swung there in that room, the lighting picking out the mounds and folds of my body that looked slick and stunning, a surge of adrenalin shot through my body. The first hard slap of the paddle hit my bare slick arse cheeks and sent a strange message to my brain that quickly decided that I wanted to experience all he could give me.

My body was now something super-sexual & have to admit… I looked frigging hot & horny hanging there. The metal glint of the cage as the sparse light hit it was a complete turn on though I could do nothing but suffer as my cock demanded attention but the metal confines denied me. After a few more painful whacks I saw him reach for a large black dildo, which he slowly coated in a glistening lube. He smiled as he pushed it up against my unprotected butthole and whispered: “Let’s begin.”

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