Confession: At The PTA

 I was at a Parents Teachers meeting at my kid’s school the other night and had to go to the toilet. One of the teachers was there and as we pissed at the urinal we looked over at each other, checking out each other’s cocks before we made eye contact.

Obviously we both liked what we saw so it wasn’t long before we went into one of the kids small cubicles and I was on my knees urgently unzipping him. He teaches my 5 year-old son and 6 year-old daughter but I wasn’t sure if he had linked me with my kids. It didn’t matter because I loved the distraction from that endless meeting and I got straight down to sucking him off. Even though we heard a couple of other people come for a piss and go, it didn’t stop him shoving his dick down my throat with a ferocious zeal. He exploded in my mouth in a matter of minutes and I was surprised at just how nice he tasted. Not the cheesy, curry flavoured spunk I’ve had before but sweeter and, well, I wanted more. My cock was hard in anticipation and I hoped he’d do the same for me but he just zipped up, told me 8 out of 10 and left.

 Mr C Davies, Lincoln

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