Bent Fiction – Dune Dream by Les Lea

The sand dunes at Maspalomas were all they were cracked up to be. I’d  read all about them before I booked my holiday to Gran Canaria and loved the horny description of what went on in those sandy peaks.

I’d been lazily walking naked as the day I was born, up and down and between those yellow mountains for about 40 minutes. In the valleys, it was hot and peaceful but once stood at the summit of those lofty peaks the warm breezes caressed my body and seemed to smooth the sun’s hot rays gently into my skin. Everywhere there were naked bodies, men, women, children, fat, thin… all tramping over the dunes or heading for the sea. The further into this sandy mass I went, the gayer it became… although many beautiful visions started long before this oasis edge. It was very apparent that good looking guys were drawn to this particular spot.

It was early in my holiday and I didn’t want my pale buns to be burned too soon but thought the rest of me could stand a little more sunning. Besides, it was so quiet and relaxing where I had eventually ended up, all my energy seemed to evaporate and I just wanted to take a few minutes dozing in the sun. I pulled back on my silky adidas shorts, rubbed a little more oil into the parts I could reach, spread out my rainbow towel, rolled onto my stomach, stretched, rested my head on my arms and quickly and effortlessly floated off into sleep in the warm balmy air.

All the hunky men I’d seen on my trip to this place occupied my dreams and it was comforting to know that my holiday was just beginning. At one point in my head I was talking to this blond, suntanned hunk but as we chatted I felt the shorts I’d just put on, begin to slip down my legs. Inch by inch they slowly glided further down and my friendly blond chum was just about to make what I hoped was an interesting suggestion when I realised in my dream… I wasn’t dreaming. This jolted me slightly from my snooze and as I became more conscious, I felt a weight on my shoulders and the feeling that my shorts were being pulled off. Still half asleep, I kicked out but made contact with nothing, then my legs were held down and that was quickly followed by a smack to my now bare bum. It wasn’t a hard slap, just the type you’d give an over playful puppy. As I opened my eyes my vision was filled with a dark hairy crotch, heavy hanging balls and what looked like, from my prone position, the biggest erect cock I’d ever seen in my life. My eyes eventually made contact with the face the cock belonged to. He was dark, possibly Moroccan, with black curly hair, a black bushy moustache, piercing yet not malevolent eyes and sparkling white teeth that were smiling down at me. He sat facing me with his legs over my arms holding them down but despite this, I didn’t feel particularly threatened. He wasn’t really my ‘type’ being much older than the type of guy I usually go for but his eyes were sending me a message that I couldn’t ignore.

He shuffled forward until his prick was pressing against my mouth, his legs still held down my arms but I felt his toes working underneath my stomach and forcing my hips to rise a little. Sand was being heaped into the gap made by this action and only then did I realise there was somebody else behind me. I tried to turn to see who it was but the ‘Moroccan’ smiled, shook his head and then held my head between his two massive hands and guided my lips to the tip of his cock. At the same time, I felt some liquid being squirted into my now accessible arse hole and a hand gently rubbing it in. (I later found that it was my suntan lotion that was being used) A finger slowly eased its way past my tight sphincter, lubricating and massaging me internally. It was a strange and new sensation for me as I had never experienced anything like it before… well only in my head and lay in my bed at home. I have to admit that with that probing digit invading deep within me the feeling was driving me crazy. The result was that my own stiff prick was jammed solid into the mound of sand under me and my body was quivering in both lust and anticipation as to what might happen next. I felt the finger withdraw and something big and solid being pressed against my slippery hole.

The ‘Moroccan’ slid his dick into my mouth and eased it down my throat as the unknown assailant released my pinioned legs and let the weight of his body push his massive cock deep into me. The action was quick and smooth, helped by all the lubricant; he was deep up me in one swift movement. Obviously, these two rump raiders worked together and my arse and mouth were quickly full of thick dick belonging to who knows who. Almost in slow motion, both began to fuck. Even though we were out in the open and anyone could see, there was no sense of urgency. In fact, if anything, their action was aimed at pleasing me as well as getting themselves off. I found my lips and tongue were working hard on the ‘Moroccan’s’ dark but impressive equipment as he kept his hands on my head pacing me to this double fuck. The thrilling sensations and my inexperience had me exploding into the sand after only a couple of minutes of this kind of treatment but my bucking hips increased in pace to keep up with my unknown fucker. That first orgasm had sent a shock wave through my body and my fuckers seemed to react to that. The pace picked up and strangely, I was ready to orgasm for a second time in just a few minutes. My eyes could only take in the thick cock that was being punched down my throat and I was gasping desperately between each thrust both trying to breathe and to accommodate the man’s girth.  His wiry pubes brushing up against my nose on each inward movement causing it to itch and tickle and making me stifle a sneeze. Meanwhile, my unknown fucker pushed my legs as wide as they would go and hoisted my hips further into the air. His battering and moaning became more intense and I was held between pain and ecstasy with each deep incursion of thick meat. They worked well together and I felt I was merely a prop in a well-choreographed fuck-ballet. I was on the verge of coming again when the guy stuffing my abused, virgin hole lunged forward for the last few deep speedy thrusts. He moaned, and bit into my neck as he held himself deep inside me and I could feel his cock throbbing as he pumped his load, flooding my butt. I closed my eyes and an image of my mysterious shagger filled my head. In fact, several images of different people zipped across my mental vision. For what seemed like only nanoseconds a whole host of possibilities flooded my head. Some I think I’d have been happy to oblige but most appeared very scary indeed. As his weight flattened me into the sand once more and he regained his breath, I could still feel his ejaculating spurts filling me up and my mind swam at the thought of all his come hosing my rectum. I could feel this heart racing as it was pressed into my back but I had other things to consider. I opened my eyes to see the ‘Moroccan’ close his and grimace as he reached the point of no return. My head was yanked forward in a few quick thrusts as he urgently and forcefully came down my throat, his hands gripping my head tightly and making me swallow all that he had to offer. I was gagging but he held on tightly to my head until he was sure all he had spewed from his dick was now deep in my belly. After those synchronised orgasms neither of my fucker’s thick dicks had shrunk at all and I was held like a stuck pig, waiting for them to release me. Off to one side I think I could hear applause and people chatting, remarking on what they had just watched but I couldn’t see anyone, my only vision was a pubic patch and a bit of hard ‘Moroccan’ belly. He held me and stroked my hair and I could feel the guy behind me shift his weight slightly to caress my body. They were both very gentle and it seemed like I was being ‘thanked’! As my unknown fucker pulled his meaty rod from my arse, the sensation caused me to shoot my spunk once again into the sand. It seemed to take ages for him to pull his cock from my now slack hole but he did toy with me as he’d pull it out and feed it back just a bit. My appreciative hole expanded and contracted and tried to grip his thick tool but he was in charge and the second gentle slap to my arse cheeks ended the proceedings. The ‘Moroccan’ was still holding my head tightly but the guy behind me had pulled up my shorts, as if he was leaving the scene exactly as they’d found it. Through the shiny material I could feel him gently stroke and pat my bum and I heard some words spoken I didn’t understand. I was eased off his cock and saw my ‘Moroccan’ smile and nod in agreement and I was hoping that he’d soon release me so I could check out the person who’d just taken my arse so completely. After a couple of minutes, he let go of my head, got up and left. I lay there stunned for a couple of minutes still unsure of whether I’d just dreamed the whole thing. My raw throat and the salty taste in my mouth, as well as the wet feeling in my shorts, proved that it wasn’t all in my mind.  I looked around and there were a few other guys watching me. Just how much they had seen I didn’t know, although several of the guys were sporting huge stiff cocks. I suppose they were hopeful that I would perform the same for them but instead I turned over on my towel and smiled to myself. It had been a quite a bit of an ordeal but the fact is… even though I’d been a little bit scared I had eagerly gone along with it. That was just the start of my holidays and I have to say that on each trip to the dunes for the rest of my stay, I was never disappointed by the action I found. The ‘Moroccan’ and his buddy I never saw again, but I did meet up with some very horny guys and we’d shag in the sand, behind trees and at the top of windswept dunes. My fortnight’s holiday was definitely an education and I have to say… I’d never enjoyed learning so much in my life.

I woke up. I’d fallen asleep whilst reading the holiday brochure and the page was open at a panoramic photograph of the Maspalomas sand dunes. Hell, all that action couldn’t have happened only in my head… could it? I just knew I’d have to book a holiday and find out for myself.


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