Bent Confession – Piss Pants

When I was younger I was at my mate’s house when he had to go out for something and I was left alone for a while. My mate was a great guy but what turned me on even more about him was that his dad was a copper, and such a fucking good-looking one at that.

There were photos of his dad all over the house, in his uniform, with his boys and wife on the beach, playing football, he was such a hunk and I was sure I could smell the testosterone left by him all about the place. Anyway, I took the opportunity to do a bit of spying and found the laundry basket where I pilfered a pair of his dad’s pants; white briefs with slight piss stains that just smelled fantastic. I could hardly contain my excitement so I whipped off my jeans and undies, pulled his on, had a glorious wank, then pulled up my pants leaving his damp underpants next to my skin… and all before my mate returned. For years after I imagined his dad and me together shagging like rabbits and doing all kinds of things (I have a great fantasy life). I wanked into those pants for years after as they were a constant turn on.

Michael, Oxford

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