Bent Confession – All guys together

I’m always up for a bit of fun with my workmates and as we all work away from our families, usually for weeks on end, I like to get that feeling of camaraderie going. We all watch porn, read sexy mags, and strip off in front of each other in or communal accommodation so we know what everyone has got. All guys together, no one is embarrassed or ashamed of anything in our little community. I’m happy to watch the straight porn… although my interest is in what the guys look like and how big their cocks are, which I often comment on it. The others jeer and laugh and often call me a perv but it’s usually just in good natured banter. However, and here is my confession, the number of guys who have approached me privately for a ’chat’ about their ‘weird’ feelings is unbelievable. There are of course some who I don’t fancy and seem disappointed that I’m happy to chat but nothing else, although there are others who fit my ‘sex’ criteria. There are very few weeks that go by that my cock isn’t stuck up some curious guy’s ass or down his throat… or that I don’t have their gushing dick rooted in my mouth. Sometimes I feel like I’m the priest myself taking all these guys sexual confessions and absolving them of their ‘sins’.  The work here is hard but thankfully, so are most of the guys.

Tom, on an oil rig somewhere

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