New FS Mag – Drug Weekend


Issue 136 – Off your face! – Drug fucking the weekend away…

Poppers, Crystal Meth, Coke, G, Meph, E. What is it about these drugs that has become so popular with gay men? This month, Poppers, Crystal Meth, Coke, G, Meph, E. looks at the rise of chems being used during sex and are they as dangerous as we think.




Also in this issue:
•    Sex tips – spice up your sex life
•    Kristian+Life – “Did having abs make me happy?”
•    Opinion – “It’s my choicenot to have sex”
•    The Issue – Why don’t you use condoms?
•    Upfront – Ginger power
•    Is hairy the new hot?
•    Plus much more.

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