10 Ways to Relax This Summer

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Summer is almost in full swing: kids are getting out of school, vacations, beach outings, BBQs, and many other fun summer activities we all love to do. Although most of us work during the summer, it’s also a time to enjoy and relax. Learning to truly unwind and unplug will help us become happier and more balanced leaving us refreshed for Autumn saying, “That was a great summer!” Psychotherapist, positive living expert, and author of the popular book, Creating Balance and Finding Happiness, Diane Lang, offer 10 ways to truly unwind and unplug to be happy and balanced.

1. Take some time to spend outdoors – when we spend our time in nature, it naturally calms us and gives us a feeling of inner peace. The bonus is natural sunlight which gives us our vitamin D – great for the bones and a mood booster.

2. Unplug from Technology – use the summer as an excuse to be in vacation mode. Even if you can only do this once a week, take that time to connect to nature by unplugging from technology.

3. Start a fitness program that is fun and adventurous – go hiking, bike riding, etc. Do something new and fun! Make it better by bringing a friend.

4. Slow down – it’s summer; start living mindfully by doing one task at a time, enjoying the beauty around you and living in the moment.

5. Spend time with friends and family – set up date nights and fun nights! The days are longer so it’s a great time to really go out and have fun!

6. Do activities you really love – read the book you never had time to, take a day trip to a new town and see new sights, go to the beach and relax. Whatever brings you “flow.” This is the time to do it.

7. Step outside of your comfort zone – try something new. It can be something simple like trying a new drink or food, a new restaurant. Every time we try something new we take a risk and feel a boost of happiness.

8. Use up your personal time from work and have some free time with no expectations. It doesn’t matter if you go on vacation or just take a walk, its just enjoying some time off!

9. Create some “me time” – wake up ten minutes earlier in the summer and sit outside in the morning sun with a coffee and just enjoy the silence. All you need to do is take 10-15 minutes a day… just for you!

10. Breathe – even with nice weather and longer days we can still get stressed. So, when you feel the stress coming, take a moment to close your eyes and take a deep breathe.  It works!

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