Confession – Hitch-hiker

I saw that you wanted confessions… well this is mine. When I’m on the road, and especially in summer when there are more of these sexy, desperate guys around… things happen… alot.

From the moment I picked up the hitch-hiker it was only fifteen minutes before I’d pulled off the main road, found a nice quiet shady spot and had the guy kneeling with my thick cheesy cock down his throat. I’d done this a thousand times but loved the way each pick-up had a slight change of technique. This one wasn’t shy at all… his shorts were around his ankles and his hand was inside his underpants giving his little guy some encouragement. His mouth was wet and willing from the start. Furthermore, I loved the way my super-hangers banged against the young man’s eager chin. He coped well with the width of my impressive cock but had some trouble in swallowing the length of the brute. That had never stopped me before so, if this guy wanted a lift anywhere his cute, sweet mouth was where he began to pay for it. He was no amateur as he grabbed my arse so he could manoeuvre my dick at a pace he was happy with. Still, what he wanted and what I needed were two different things, so eventually we came to an agreement. I’d thrust as hard as I pleased and he’d open his cute little mouth and take it.  As I deposited the first load of the day deep in the guy’s belly I was already thinking where the next consignment would be heading – this hiker sure looked to have one sweet ass… he showed it off well by wearing a particularly tight pair of denim cut-offs, and my cock was already slick and ready… so would be a waste not to take full advantage. He was one full hiker by the time I’d finished but, well, you know how it is, I didn’t really want him in my cab so drove off as he went behind a bush for a piss. Still, I like to think he got some of what he wanted anyway.

Jack, Preston (but driving all over the country)

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